Located in Walworth County, Wisconsin, NCS is rooted in the North Central region of the
Midwest.  NCS began in 2012 as an idea.  An idea with a vision to change how we, as a
community, transport our loved ones with mental illness and behavioral disorders.  We felt
that there were no other alternative options for transportation needs other than a taxi,
ambulance, or law enforcement.  This is when we decided that it was time to create a
compassionate and professional alternative.

In addition to this service, we felt that there were other needs for compassionate and
professional services in our area.  Some of those needs are in the areas of private security
and safety education.  We feel that we can exceed the standards of other companies in our
area.  With many years of personal experience in security, public safety, community service,
and emergency medicine, we feel that we can make a difference in how these services are
presented today.  

Our primary focus has always been community safety and customer service.  With the support
of our friends, family, and community, NCS opened June 1st, 2014.  Join us, and together we
can bring compassion and professionalism back into the transportation, security and
educational marketplaces.